Monday, 12 October 2009

Doughnut day

Well I had the CT scan and x-rays today. Two hours down to Birmingham, half an hour in the hospital, and back home again! No waiting at the ROHB this time - turned up a little early for the scans, as requested, and they took me straight in. There was only one other person waiting. Mind you, the longest I've ever waited for an x-ray at the ROHB was 10mins, compared to 1.5hrs elsewhere! This is the NHS, not private, very impressed.

I love the CT scanner, its like a giant doughnut! This time I guaged how high up the bed goes though to get you through the centre - about 4-foot from the floor, wouldn't like to roll off the rather narrow bed you lie on!

It also dawned on me earlier that its been exactly 4yrs to the date of my TPO surgery. How odd to be back there today.

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