Monday, 27 September 2010

Flying therabands Physioboy.... what, physio at high altitude? physio on our road trip?

You reckon security will let me through with therabands or the flight crew not look at me suspiciously for using them [or the rest of the plane for that matter!]?

I like the idea of flying-fisio but I reckon it would probably make the top-ten list of things that annoy people on a flight!

To be fair he didn't suggest I do, but I am expected to keep up the good work when and where I can. Which is a reasonable request, but I think I'll pack the therabands into my check-in bag. Things are progressing, slowly but surely. There have been a couple of days here and there (visitors) that I haven't done my physio and honestly, you do fall behind and I can tell. So it really is important for me to try and get some physio in on vacation. Still a lot of work to be done overall and he reckons I'm still about 2 months off getting into the physio gym, but he has okay'd my pilates workout I wrote out for him. Which is great, because I can easily incorporate the exercises I have from physio into the pilates workout for double points!!

The spine curls into the bridge with leg extension exercise....we're aiming ultimately for 40-50 right? I asked him if he could do it, a confession, he'd struggle! He said that athletes would be pushing that!! Athletes, er....hello, this is little old me here, I can do 8 currently without collapsing.... one day, one day...

Toodle-oo, back soon.... [unless I get arrested for theraband misuse]

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