Thursday, 3 September 2009

Chapter Two

It's been a while (well, about 5 years!) since I last blogged and I think it's time to return to where I last left off, re-cap and update the situation. I think I'm going to slowly re-cap everything over a few blogs soon and give you the Cliff Notes version just now.

I have congenital hip dysplasia (or developmental dysplasia of the hip as its becoming more commonly known as) which mainly affects my right hip. My left hip has been, and continues to be, asymptomatic. I was in and out of hospitals throughout my childhood, mainly physiotherapy, no surgeries or casts. I had no real problems until I hit my 20's. Over 7 years things started to deteriorate in the joint until the point where I could not walk for more than 30mins at a time without great difficulty, but sitting wasn't any better as the pain would radiate down the full length of the leg. As for sleeping....well, that was the clincher for me, I'd had enough. I was recommended that I have a periacetabular osteotomy (PAO; or triple pelvic osteotomy, TPO) rather than a resurfacing or replacement. October 2005 I had the PAO surgery, I was 27.

I consider this part of life Chapter two: post-surgery.

Photos I have from my PAO surgery 12.10.2005:

X-ray taken at the end of the PAO surgery showing the pins and plate securing the pelvis.
The two scars are below - the surgery is done from the front and back, hence two scars. They are nothing more than white lines now and don't look quite so angry.

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