Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hip block booked

So I have the date for my hip block. Travelling to Birmingham for my appointment on Monday 18th January. As they want me in for 7.30am and I live two hours away, they've said I can come down the night before and stay at 'Hotel NHS'. Kinda sucks as no one really wants to spend an unnecessary night in hospital if they don't have to. At least then my 'hospital buddy' (aka my mum) doesn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to come with me, they get to actually have breakfast - whilst I have to fast from midnight! - and potter down to meet me to make sure I get home safely.

Hopefully I'll be able to reduce the amount of pain meds after the block. Which means my stomach won't take such a hammering and I'll be able to have a drink (I discovered that me, dicloflex and alcohol don't really mix on friday night!).

Can't wait to get my actual surgery date now. They said I won't get confirmation until about 6 weeks before. Mmm.... Might be phoning early as the secretary always seems to know well before 6 weeks :o)

I was curious as to why I was being starved for this procedure as its normally done under local anaesthesia (like being at the dentist). Turns out they are putting me under general anaesthesia for 10mins or so to do it. Mr.Orthopod's secretary couldn't tell me why, but I'll find out soon enough! It may be due to the lack of synovial space, or it may just be easier and quicker for them?? Watch this space. I'm not adverse to the GA for 10mins, I've had it before when they did a manipulation under GA to assess range of motion. Oh, I feel like an old hand at this! *sigh*

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