Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I love my TENS!

Well, I'm impressed, it's doing it for me! Been slapping it on for half hour to an hour every evening (or so) and I've noticed a few things. I'm sleeping better, the muscles are less tired and I'm getting less referred pain down my leg (not completely eliminated, but significantly so). But the biggest thing for me has to be that I seem to have regained more of my range of motion in the hip. For a while now when the pain was bad I wasn't completely extending my hip back in walking stance - I was getting a stabbing pain and grating sensation when doing so. The days after using the TENS I've been able to extend my leg almost normally, certainly without pain and with less grating.

I'm very happy with this as it means I can keep my muscles functioning as close to normal as possible. As my surgery is at least 4 months away, I've been worried about muscle wasting as this will seriously hamper the recovery time after surgery. If I can keep doing the physio exercises and walking as normal as possible, this means I'm already helping myself massively.

Right, time for my evening zap!

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