Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Linoleum diving

So I fell today for the first time since the resurfacing, or nearly fell....

Pootling down the corridor at work, sole of my left foot just sorta caught the linoleum at a funny angle propelling me face first towards the floor at high speed - and out of instinct I put out my right leg in a lunge to catch me! Then I panicked, sorta twirled and ended up with my back against the wall, standing up. Quick anatomical sweep of what's still in place and in pain - NOTHING!! Thank goodness....

If I did that pre-op, well I'd probably have face dived the floor because my right leg would not have responded at all. If I had lunged to keep my balance, I'd have been paying for it instantly and for days.

I just stood there waiting for something to happen (other than my heart rate to go down!), like my hip spontaneously dislocating, or sharp pains attacking my knee. One, I was amazed that I effectively corrected myself (then let myself go!), and two, nothing happened, AT ALL to the joint. Mr. O has a point there about me doing whatever I like physically huh?

I'm so chuffed my muscles are getting so much stronger and they are responding correctly. They are still weak but I'm working on those physio exercises and by the end of any one week I can tell a difference (it's small, but that's just the way it's going to be!). Slowly slowly catchy monkey.....

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  1. That's great to hear Becky! You've been protecting it for so long that you expect these sudden overexertions to hurt. I did the same at the weekend: I was playing Frisbee with some friends, careful not the jump about too much. However, I leaped for one realising in mid-flight that landing was going to hurt my hip... and it didn't! It gives you confidence to see what else you can do.
    Slowly slowly catchy monkey :-)