Monday, 19 July 2010

Rangers & Celtic Therabands!


I'm sure they don't market them that way, but having grown up in Glasgow and now in proud possession of a green (little resistance) and blue (stronger resistance, woo hoo!) physiotherapy therabands, the thought goes through your head! Maybe you have to grow up in Scotland to understand that.....tee hee. I might add that I'm not a footie fan and I don't subscribe to either team, and the strength of theraband is not predictive of club seasonal outcome!

Okay, enough silly's! Physiotherapy is going well (note the increase from green to blue theraband) :o)

This is never going to sound right whichever way you try to say it, so - my arse is looking so much better! lol My gluteus maximus that is, is bulking out quite nicely. I had lost a lot of muscle there on the right side that I don't think I even got back after the osteotomy. It, and the lack of core strength, is the root cause of my 'hippy limp'. So in addition to eliminating the limp, my arse is not so lop-sided!

I love my physio, he's quite good fun and is very good at targetting specific little muscle groups prior to moving onto others. I saw him on thursday and it had been 4 weeks. At the previous session I could barely do side lifts lying on my side (ankles together, pelvis stable and not rotating) and it was great going back on thursday and showing him that I can get the lift to 50% of my ROM - in a month, that's great!! I had also reached the target of 30 rep's of getting into the bridge position (, staying there and stretching theraband that's been tied around my knees. Not small feat eh? Now, suddenly, I have to do 50 rep's (pesky physio goal-post shifter!).

A lot of the exercises I do are based on pilates, which is great cos I was an avid practicer prior to the pain stopping me doing, well anything. He's not cleared me to go back to pilates full-time though, just what we're working on. To be fair, the routine I have takes about 30-45mins a day to do, so I'm lucky to get the recommended two times a day in (between you and me, that only happens a few times a week! mostly once a day). But it's working so I'm happy. I feel SO much stronger.

I do honestly forget that this hip is bionic! I have random moments (like in Tesco) where I think "ooh, it's metal, my hip's metal!".

Right, time for physio! Now.....will it be Celtic with increased rep's, or Ranger's with decreased rep's ?! Oooh, who will the Red band be when I get there? lol

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