Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ultrasound scan results

Last week I had an ultrasound scan on my right hip/thigh to check out my muscles for anything that could account for the excessive weakness I still have one year on from my resurfacing surgery.

During the scan it was obvious that my abductor muscle was not attached to the bone anymore. Sigh. Knowing full well what this would mean I decided not to speculate and wait on Mr. O's letter hopefully laying out 'what's next'. I got that letter today and it seems that we're just bypassing another consultation and going straight to surgery! As soon as I make the appointment. Big sigh.

In the letter: "The scans show that there is a small but significant detachment of parts of the gluteus medius and minimus [abductors] over the front and outer part of your right hip joint. The best treatment here would be for us to re-open the wound and re-attach these muscles using synthethic ligament material in order to get a really good attachment."

So, here we go again.... Round 4! Hopefully, as this surgery will not be as invasive as the resurfacing, it won't be so bad. Fingers crossed the detached muscles are still in good shape and haven't part-turned to fat (cos that won't help re-attachment!).

Nothing I can do, so, let's do it! Bring it on, I will shift this limp!!


  1. Bex, why?? Sorry thats crappy news.

  2. Hey Louisa! I don't know why and I don't know when either, which is a bit crap cos the longer it's detached the more fat desposits take over and can make it harder to reattach the muscle. I'm feeling the best I've ever felt right I'm not too down about it all really. I just really want to walk without the stick and now I know why I wasn't progressing (which is some sort of comfort??). I just want to get it over with and on the road to recovery - again!! Hopefully I'll have a surgery date soon. Hope you are well? x