Thursday, 19 May 2011

Surgery scheduled

Just an update to say that I'm scheduled to have my abductor muscles sown back on at the end of June. Still waiting for the confirmation letter, but the 29th was mentioned. Not really thought about it much since being told I needed to have them surgically reattached. I suppose compared to the two previous hip surgeries this seems almost like a walk in the park! So that'll come back to bite me on the butt come the evening of the 29th June!!

I've been told that I should only need to take a week off work, can get back to driving after a few days (!! right leg), and I'll have to use one elbow crutch for 6 weeks minimum. We'll see regarding the driving! I do believe him on the rest after the resurfacing. I was told then that I could go back to work within two weeks - and I could have, but chose not to. Plus work told me not to, a month at least!

Anyhoo, got better things to do first, like a nice sunny holiday abroad with my other half!! :o)))

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