Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Like curled ribbon

Mr. O told me to stay off my right leg for 6 weeks. His senior registrar told me to stay off my leg for 6 weeks. The physio's told me to stay off my right leg for 6 weeks. 6 weeks!!! Minimum....

Just let it go stiff, then we'll work on stretching and then strengthening.

Until yesterday, perhaps due to swelling, I had not noticed that the muscles have gone as stiff as a board! Just standing there (on crutches) I had the insane sensation that my left leg was longer, loose and floppy compared to my right. Then it twigged! The reattached muscles have stiffened up and when compared with my left leg, it feels like I'm curling up like christmas ribbon. I'm distinctly being pulled over to my right....in my mind, at least.

Here's hoping that this will be the ticket to shifting my hippy limp. It's a very odd sensation....

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