Friday, 22 July 2011

Officially bored

It's official..... I'm now bored and restless and I don't want to sit on my ass anymore!

So that's been 3 weeks off work, at home, on my ass to get to this state of mind. 3 weeks.

I have actually been doing some work from home so I don't feel unproductive. I can't focus on work today. It's just the lack of change of scenery! Actually it might be more than that, as I'm currently at my BF's house for the first time in more than a month so if that's not a scenery change I don't know what is? Or maybe it's too little too late? We're even going out tomorrow night for birthday celebrations and I can't shake this horrid cabin fever feeling! I know tomorrow night will be fun, but today is dragging.

What shall I take from this: a lesson in patience.

How do I feel: like I want to put my pants on my head and run around the room.

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