Wednesday, 10 August 2011

6 weeks, now walk

At last, 6 weeks is up!! WOO HOO

Let's dance! Let's not.

Right, now what? 6 weeks feels so long when you're on two elbow crutches. But I can now drop to one according to the letter I received from Mr. O a week out of hospital. I've been wandering around the house on one crutch and instantly I feel so liberated! With one arm free to carry something, anything, is heaven. I've not had two arms free since before my resurfacing and that's the goal... to ditch the walking stick too and walk unaided.

So I can't start physiotherapy again until after I see Mr. O next week to see what's next really. I had a wee cheeky abduction of my leg earlier 'just to see' what would happen! leg moved outwards lol, but more importantly, I felt it in my butt where you should be feeling it. That was new!

I desperately want this to be it, the repair that gets me back on my feet properly. But without re-injury and I don't care how long it takes in physio, I'll do it. I'm still getting the odd painful twinges over the incision site and the side of my butt where I imagine most of the suturing etc has been done to reattach the muscle to the bone. The twinges are fleeting, not requiring pain relief and they usually come at the end of the day (using leg all day?).

I feel happy now 6 weeks has past, like some sort of danger point. My thigh muscles have wasted considerably in that time so I know I have a lot of work to do in the next few months. Once again, and I've lost track of the times I've said this.... BRING IT ON! Let's get walking :o)

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