Friday, 27 November 2009

Again with the stupid....

Guess what I forgot to take before bed last night!

I got cocky, thought 'hey, this week has been fab, maybe I could just take the next pain med in the morning'. I don't want take the pain meds for many reasons - they mess with your stomach, digestive system, constipate you and NSAIDS can actually damage your cartilage (well, the cartilage that is left in the rest of your body!). Perhaps maybe I got the balance of medication right, once every 12 hours and I'm feeling fab. Always in hindsight!

I'm currently in so much pain I cannot get my boots off. I cannot put weight through the joint without tears coming to my eyes. I want to scream at something and throw things across the room its so painful. I feel angry and I feel emotional. I can't remember what its like not to be in pain.

I know it will be better tomorrow. Until then, could someone come get my boots off?

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