Monday, 29 March 2010


3 weeks post-op

...and we're doing the 'jerky-turkey'!!

Meaning, I seemed to have reached a plateau with the mobility. I went from two crutches to one in under two weeks post-op and walking a fair distance from one week post-op. This last week I've realised that I can walk for miles (well, 2) on one crutch with no pain or ache - which in itself is amazing considering! But I haven't felt any significant progression this past week which would enable me to walk unaided for any length of time. I can potter about the room without any crutches but I'm very much the 'jerky-turkey' as my leg sort of jerks at the knee to put the leg into its most stable position (straight leg, knee locked). I know, I know, its only been 3 weeks post-op!! My leg is still healing from the incision.

Yesterday I started to walk where there's more of an incline to work the quads and glutes harder. That definitely seems to get the muscles aching by the end of the walk. Unfortunately, it's started to snow tonight so going out for a walk tomorrow might be out! Urgh, there's only so many butt-clenches you can do at home before you get bored!! On the plus side, I can now get onto the floor again (without wondering how on earth I'll get up again unassisted!) which means I can do gentle pilates exercises. This has helped with stretching everything out - I can now reach to my ankles. Hopefully I will get to my feet before long so I can get my socks on myself - thank goodness for those fabulous sock putter-onners!! Nothing worse than not being able to put your socks on yourself, lol.

I'm on schedule to go back to work next week which will be good actually. I have done some work on my laptop this past week, not completely up to full speed, but at least it'll be a transition into the office next week. I'm also eager to get back as I have lots of loose ends on the project to finish up before starting my new job! Yes, I knew it'd work out - I was offered a position in Nottingham last week and I've accepted it. I will now be working on a project funded by Arthritis Research Campaign (UK) to study the mechanisms of pain caused by osteoarthritis in the knee. I'm very excited to be part of such a project as obviously osteoarthritis has plagued me for many years and it's nice to think I can perhaps help make a difference.

Right, now, where's that ice!

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