Monday, 29 March 2010

An update in pictures

A couple of hours after surgery - this was before the sickness set in!

My mum and me, again just a few hours after surgery.

Out walking the day after being discharged from hospital (day 6). My favourite place to walk at the moment - Loch Lomond, Scotland. Somedays you just get beaten up by the weather!

One week post-op...attacked by a chook!!

Incision at 3 weeks post-op. Staples have been out one week - the nurse put steri-strips on to push some parts of the skin that weren't flush down with the rest of the incision.

You can see the previous scars from my osteotomy 4.5yrs ago, certainly the one on the back of my leg, and the tail end of the other one on the front of my leg. I have quite a collection now!! Er....Excuse the pants!


  1. I had my TPO and a femur Ost in Royal Orthopeadic hospital in Birmingham under O'hara and i'm currently 4 months post op, i'm sadly still on 2 crutches as the bone doesn't want to grow just yet. but i do have a dvt so maybe that is hindering the growth. the scars look ace and match mine except for the little one on the bum, i've got your 2 big ones. My blog is at our stories are so similar, had to comment. Hope your healing well xx

  2. Nice to hear from another Mr.O patient! I love that man - and his fab team! I'm not surprised you're still on 2 crutches with those incisions. I had TPO (or PAO) with dislocation (to smooth my femur head back into a rounder shape), so the scar is smaller on my bum. If/when Mr.O takes the hardware out he goes through the same site and I can tell you it doesn't take a fraction of time to heal from that compared to the TPO. I was still using 1 crutch 9mths post-TPO so don't worry that you're not healing fast enough or something - plus you've had 2 for 1! DVT can't be helping. I'm still injecting the clexane right now, can't wait to be done with that.

    I'm seeing the big kahoona in just over a week, I bet he asks me why am still using 1 crutch! I'm a bit of a liability without a crutch right now - walked into door frame the other day walking unaided!!

    Take care and keep walking! X