Wednesday, 7 April 2010

4.5wks - Back to work

Ok, I'm a bit of an emotional basketcase right now. This last week has been quite stressful, hence the lack of posting.

My grandmother died last tuesday. Whilst it wasn't completely unexpected, it still shocks. As my mother had already travelled ahead of us to be with her mum, me and my dad travelled back to Leeds to get me and my stuff back to my apartment and settled back in. My mum joined us in Leeds at the weekend and both my parents have been amazing in helping me settle back in! Especially under the circumstances. I suppose being busy is good too. The funeral isn't until this coming friday, quite a wait really.

As I have a new job we all thought we'd take a day trip to Nottinghamshire to scout out areas to live. I'm going to be working in the countryside and it's throwing up all sorts of stressful new things for me to think about! I don't have a car, never needed one living in the city centre! I can drive and it seems I will have to get a car. No problemo, right? Just the small matter that I cannot lift my leg off the floor in a sitting position - let alone move my right foot from accelerator to brake safely (or at all!). Seems I'll be relying on countryside public transport to get to work for a while!! Seems I have a new incentive to up the exercises. I'm still using one crutch, but I do wander around the apartment unaided - and it is getting less jerky, more limpy!

So yeah, I feel stressed with everything I need to organise in the next month and with everything that has happened in the last month. I am also going back to work tomorrow and I've just realised how much I have to finish up before starting my new job in addition to the move across country, again! I am exhausted. My body is sooooo tired after everything that has happened this last week and with all the travelling. A lot of people have said that I shouldn't bother going back to work tomorrow, but honestly, I just want to get back to a routine, a sense of normality. I'll only be in tomorrow as the funeral is on friday. Then I work monday and on tuesday I'm off to Birmingham for my check-up with Mr. Orthopod. Mmmm.....where's that routine fitting into this exactly (lol). Give me until the end of next week and it'll be back to normal.

Think it might be time for a long nap!

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