Sunday, 18 April 2010

Let battle commence

So, after seeing Mr.O last week and being told to get my limpy-ass into a gym and pool I took action! I've never been one for joining gyms etc and the local pool is a bit of a bus ride away (which isn't a motivation for going either before or after work). But, I have decided that it'll probably be in my best health interests to now join a health club that will give me access to nice facillites and a large pool. In the short term that causes a bit of a problem as you know how these places work - you sign up for a minimum of 12 months. I'm moving away from Leeds in about 4 weeks time! But I need in the pool now!

After phoning a couple of places the Livingwell Health group (Hilton hotels) said they would do me one months membership only. I would cost me £55 for one month, £10 more a month than it would if I joined up - but hey, if it means I get to crack on with my physio in the pool its worth it. It's a really nice place too, only 5mins walk from my place, tv's on the machines, big pool, jacuzzi, steam room/sauna, the works!! :o)

The battle against the limp has begun! Since thursday I've been in the pool 3 times, for over an hour each time. It's amazing, I can actually move the joint so well in water, no pain or stiffness, it's like it's back to normal! Doing the breast-stroke means I work all the muscles of the hip at once so swimming really is an excellent exercise for me. I also took time to do physio exercises in the water - abduction/adduction, quads etc. During that time in the water I feel normal again, then I get out and rediscover the limp! It will take time. I haven't been into the gym yet, I wanted to just swim for a few days first. Tuesday is the day I get into the gym followed by a swim. Mr.O sent me a letter stating that I'm fit for gym exercise (for the gym, insurance I think) - in that letter I realised exactly what he expects of me in the next few weeks too. He's stated that he expects me to use almost all the machines including rowing machine (eek!)....but only slow on treadmill and light weights on abduction. It's a full time job this exercise!

I am actually exhausted today. Yesterday I got up early for my swim and then headed off for a massive furniture reconnoiter (renting unfurnished in my new place). 4hrs of walking around the big retail shops! No pain in my hip! My back muscles from crutch usage however..... I can't remember the last time I was walking for 4hrs without any hip pain (I may have been a teenager!). So tonight will be an early night otherwise I'll not function at work tomorrow.

It's all I do now - work, exercise, eat, sleep, repeat! Done it before, it will get easier. Zzzzzzzz...


  1. yay... you should've come to spindles at Bramhope, 6 wks at £42! We could've walked up and down the pool together!

  2. Not bad! I'm not going to be in Leeds that long and as I work later sometimes I wanted the pool very close by... Where am going next month there's a hotel near to where I'll be living that has an intro 6 weeks for £35 so I'll be able to suss that out when I move! It's all coming together nicely this move, I just can't wait to see my physio as I want the correct customised exercises to eliminate this limp asap!!