Saturday, 10 April 2010

I climbed a mountain today

....or rather, the stairs!

No great feat huh? Only one flight of stairs you say? But not one step at a time... I was walking the stairs normally, with NO CRUTCHES and NO PAIN!! Woo hoo! I don't care that it was slow, I climbed UP the stairs today using two legs, go me! :op

It's a good end to a stressful week. Walking unaided is getting easier too, but I still have a major limp. I'm seeing Mr. O on tuesday so I'll be able to have a good chat about exercises then. I really want to get back to doing pilates but I've just wanted to take it slowly. What's the point in rushing the recovery and undoing all Mr. O's good work. I have plenty of time to get back into various things. I've just been concentrating on walking, walking, walking just like he told me to! I've been pretty pleased with the results of just walking so far!!


  1. Excellent news! It is such a good feeling when we are able to overcome those feats:) I remember just how excited I was for all the little things we take for granted usually and it's funny in a way, but hey, until you "walk a mile" in our shoes, I guess we are the only ones who know just how awesome it is to do something like walk up the stairs without help! (Sorry, that was quite possibly the longest sentence ever!) Anyway, keep it up hippie, you're doing amazing!

  2. Yay fab!!! tip for losing the limp.. walk across a pool (quiet one!) on tip toes (balls of your feet) every odd day, building up to half hr at least every odd day.. i lost my limp, that i couldn't shake off, in just over a week.. it REALLY REALLY helped.

  3. Sounds great Becky! Really great to hear you're doing so well :-)

  4. Hi Louisa, I tried that in the pool this ass hurts! Half an hour...mmm...building up required as I'm pants! lol Although, afterwards walking home I could actually feel my glutes activate more so somethings working. Great tip :o)

    Paul! Been meaning to email you - I guess you're doing fab as no blog posts for a while! Hope you are well? :o)