Monday, 31 May 2010

3 months post-op

.....and it's my birthday!

Okay, I'm back online at home finally. I have since moved, started my new job and have a new car!! Exciting times :o)

Three months post-op, wow, I cannot believe how time flies. I am still using that pesky crutch on a daily basis, but not necessarily all day. I just move faster with it, so the crutch is officially becoming a psychological 'crutch' too. Interestly, a week or so ago on a couple of occaisions I walked out of the house, locked the front door and only once I got out into the fresh air did I realise that I'd forgotten the crutch! That's got to be a good sign right? The muscles just seem to be getting stronger every day, but unfortunately, I'm at a standstill in the battle against the limp *sigh*.

Tomorrow though I'm going to the QMC in Nottingham to meet with my physiotherapist for the first time. He is very used to handling hip resurfacing patients and I was referred to him by Mr. O directly. You often find that hip resurfacing patients get lumped in with hip replacement patients, which is bad, because there are restrictions with most replacements, and none on resurfacings, and most physios treat you as the former!! I had the same problem after my PAO, the physio had never had a PAO patient, so she treated me like a hip replacement too - so frustrating! Mr. O told me that he gets well annoyed about this and that's why he chose this physio for me. So the really specific work will begin from tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've been swimming and gymming as per doc's orders. There's a great swimming pool and gym at the local hotel here in Kegworth, right on my doorstep, fabulous!

The other major event for me in the last couple of weeks has been driving. I have been so worried about getting into a car and being able to drive safely due to the surgery (on my right leg!). Bear in mind that I also hadn't driven for about 5-6yrs prior to the surgery due to pain. Mr. O told me at 5 weeks that I was cleared for driving based on my progress and movements, but I've just been too nervous about it all. I decided to have a refresher lesson before I picked the car up, just for peace of mind - plus I wouldn't be in the car alone, there would be dual brakes, and .... it wouldn't be my car if I wrote it off!! No, seriously.... I just needed to boost my confidence. The driving instructor was so curious as to why I'd pay for a lesson when I could just go out with a friend or relative. Well, family would be nervous for me and I'd never relax, and friends....well, they'd be miles away right now as I've moved to a new area and currently know no-one! Anyways, I went out in the driving instructor's car for a full hour driving around the place and it was fab....I had no real problem with controlling my leg movements within the car, no muscle spasms and no muscle aches during or after the ride. So I was pleasantly pleased and more confident about picking up my new car! Oh my new car, I love it! VW Polo, so nice to drive and it just feels safe too. It's a good choice for me.

If it wasn't for the crutch, I could honestly forget I had this surgery or that I'm now part bionic (Oh, the brand of machines in the gym are called Cybex - har de har har! Cyborg-Bex!). I still have a lot of work to do in eliminating the limp, but honestly, my life is a million times better already! I can even get my socks on now, sort of..... lol

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