Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Offline for a bit...

Okay so we've finished phase 2 and into the week of the move. I'm not sure when I'll get connected online at my new place so I thought I'd give a brief update before I go. I don't want this to turn into a blog about packing!! Because that's all I can think of right now....

I don't seem to have made any significant progress in eliminating the limp in the last two weeks. I haven't been in the pool as much as I'd like due to the aforementioned packing and socialising (goodbyes!). I've probably been 4 times in 10 days which isn't very good at all. Although I've done a LOT of walking recently and heavy-ish lifting!! It'll be fine, once I move I'm going to get sorted exercise-wise and I'll be getting my appointment for the physio too as promised.

My mother stayed with me last week and she said she'd noticed a big difference in the limp so maybe to me on a day-to-day basis its not noticable but it is slowly getting better. I'm not in pain and can get around at a fair pace with the crutch/cane anyways. I am noticing a significant ache in the muscles under the incision when I climb the stairs or squat. I wonder if its the scar tissue contracting? It can be painful if I try to lift my bodyweight from a squatting position through that leg only, but only in the muscle, not the joint. And the pain subsides very quickly once that movement is stopped, so... This is why I need to see the physio the sooner the better as I'm a little scared at how far I can push myself in this respect.

Oh oh......I managed to get my sock on without the putter-onner!!! It wasn't the most elegant of movements and involved hooking the big toe with the sock and wiggling it on. I've only managed it about 3 times as I only seem to be able to do it at the end of the day, when my muscles are warmed up and stretched out - so the putter-onner is still a must in the mornings for speed! But its getting there then. I can also sleep on my op side now with absolutely no ache at all now, its fab! This is week 9 post-op so that's great.

Right, time to put those last things in the boxes and try to get some sleep. Last day at work tomorrow and I'm already feeling sad about it. I will miss my colleagues terribly, they've become quite good friends. But I'll not be too far from Leeds to visit. That's the life of a scientist eh?


  1. Thanks for posting your progress. I had a total hip about seven months ago and still have a limp. I get discouraged when I read notes from people who had a total hip and a month later did a Triathlon or something like that. I think your (and probably my) experience is more like normal life and normal recovery.
    I will try to link my blog to this blog if I can figure out how to do it.

  2. Hi there, I read your blog and have my own.. frankly these blogs got me thru the last year and I have set up a facebook page dedicated to putting up great hip blogs and would ask if you would share yours on this site by linking your to the site, it will create more traffic to your site and give one place where a newly diagnosed person can find all good hip blogs. It is on facebook and called 'FAI Hip impingment blogs' and covers PAO and THR as they often over lap.
    Your help to others will be much appreciated..
    Many thanks Louisa if you're wondering who I am!