Monday, 3 May 2010

Whoever said...

"Sometimes these things happen for a reason".....

....needs a good talking to before being drop-kicked out the nearest window. You know who you are.

Major surgery is stressful. Needing to get a new job before your contract runs out is stressful. Moving is stressful. All these things are MAJOR life experiences. DO NOT do them all in the space of 2.5 months or you risk a brain hemorrhage!

All I can say is thank goodness for family and good friends. I am fiercely independent, but I've had to learn to ask for help due to the mobility issues. Yes, it can make you feel down sometimes. Useless, dependent, helpless, child-like....all these feelings spring to mind. I have had moments recently when I just want to give up, almost wishing I never got my new job because it might have been 'easier' to be unemployed for a while. But, I think I'd have hated that more - just a different type of stress. At least I know that I'll be continuing in the job I love and, of course, continuing to pay the bills!!

Today has been frantic. Stage one of the move. Up early to continue the organisation of the flat - stuff to charity, stuff to bin. Heavy bags too! Running errands around town as I have very little time to do that before the moving day. By mid-afternoon I was pretty exhausted from humping bags about and running around town, and knowing that I needed to get to the gym/pool as part of my rehab I decided to leave some of my to-do list and head straight to the health club. When I got back from there it was early evening and I'll admit that I got little else done on the list! Meh! Oh I might be tired, but I wouldn't have been able to do a fraction of it if I had to do it within the 3 months pre-op. No way. I'm tired, and maybe more so than someone who hadn't been through major surgery recently, but I'm not in pain and that IS something to be thankful for right there.

Stage two of the move begins tomorrow. My mother is arriving to stay til friday to help me pack everything as I have no time off work. I cannot express how much I appreciate this help! I cannot get certain things down from my cupboards without standing on a chair - er, NO! Not risking falling off a chair and causing a femur neck fracture at this stage.

Time for some rest I think, the next few weeks are going to be chaotic and full. I will survive....with or without my sanity intact!

....."happens for a reason".....*smack*

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