Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Major Frustrations

I was going to write last week, that's how frustrated I felt about it all!

It's taken me nearly a week to shake myself out of a major hippy frustration. Even my lovely physio couldn't say anything to help! I wasn't being mardy, just fed-up-cannot-be-arsed-when-am-I-gonna-walk-properly bleurgh. If there was a pram, the dummy would have been chucked.

I've obviously reached that point. You know 'that point', where you're training for a marathon, writing a thesis, or re-learning to walk (as you do; 3 times over in my case to date) .... and you hit that brick wall, or worse, you think you're going backwards! As Homer Simpson said "Everytime I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain" and it appears to be the same with my ass!! The more I work on it, the less it functions lol

All my muscles ached with the exercise and I think I irritated a tendon which was making the scar tender. All in all, I was officially frustrated. My physio was really nice and he was trying to tell me that I'd improved, I was hearing the words and smiling, but not feeling it. He's given me some new exercises to do and I'm a little happier about that - bit more variety.

This week has been much better, I can actually feel the muscles getting stronger. I still limp. I am not in pain, which honestly, I'd rather limp than be in pain anyday. I think it would be really hard for anyone to expect me to be 100% frustration-free with this situation.

I'll be seeing Mr.O next week too, hopefully it'll be just as unremarkable as last time! :o)))

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