Thursday, 5 August 2010


Saw my physio today and whilst he said some of the exercises I've been doing have improved, I still need to work hard on the same ones, no new ones added to the regime - and I've to start seeing him every 2 weeks, not 3-4! I'm confused. Usually, one gets better at exercises and the time between appointments increases....

I'm sure it's not because I've plateaued on the exercise-front. I'm sure it'll become apparent, I have enough to worry about. I did have a bit of a blip at the weekend. I must have overdone stuff (although, it was only sightseeing and out on the town saturday night? not exactly hard-core work out) and it was painful to walk on sunday. It resolved itself by tues so couldn't have been anything more than a pulled muscle. I suppose after the failed osteotomy I worry that the resurfacing might understandable anxiety, but something I need to work on.

I showed him the x-ray/CT pictures taken last November at my first consultation that resulted in my hip resurfacing. His eyes just about bugged out at the size of the osteophytes on the CT scan - he said "how were you able to walk! Your femoral head had collapsed and those osteophytes..". He didn't say it insensitively, he was just amazed at how much damage had occurred and I was still walking around and not in hideous pain (last august-september; by january it was a different matter, I was on one crutch by then). And that it explains all the bad unruley muscles we're working so hard on at the moment to get me walking tall again!

It was mentioned that from the next physio session we're going to start working oblique ab's....mmm

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