Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 - The Year of Deja-vu

Happy New Year!

I love the turn into the new year, it inspires me and I feel more confident about things. After making a long trek back to the family home in Scotland in this freezing cold weather for christmas, having a very relaxed and stress-free holiday, I'm home again and making plans for the coming year.

I should just name this year 'deja-vu'. It was exactly 5 yrs ago that I was awaiting hip surgery and looking for a new job. This is precisely what I face now in the first half of this year. Remarkably, I'm not stressed or worried about any of it - having been through it before and finding that everything works out, I know that if I continue to work hard at my current job before the end of my contract, job hunt and keep as healthy as possible before my op then everything is going to fit into place.

I've had very few aches and pains these last few weeks, despite the cold weather. I've taken care to keep as warm as possible, sometimes wearing as many as 5 layers when outside! Can't say I've been cold!! I've donned my walking shoes for the snow and ice which have some serious tread on them. I even have some Yaktrax (http://www.yaktrax.co.uk/) for the seriously icy weather. I mean, nothing can 100% guarantee that you won't slip and fall, but you can seriously reduce the risk with sensible footwear.

Now, I say I've had only a few aches and pains, I should add that its chiefly down to getting the pain management correct. Diclofenac once every 12 hours and 15-30 mins with the TENS machine in the evening (once in for the night) seems to work very well for me at the moment. I have been stiffer in the hip due to the cold, but its not painful, it just slows me down. I'll be getting my hip block a week on monday so I'm going to have to alter the routine - hopefully I won't need the diclofenac for a long while, which will give my poor stomach and liver a rest! I've also taken some non-medication pain relief advice from Jan Sadlers website http://www.painsupport.co.uk/. I've always been a great believer in meditation as the best relaxation but it does take some practice getting it right to work for you.

I'm going to break this year down into two - pre and post op. This also encompasses old and new job too as I'll be pretty much finishing one job, having surgery, and starting new job - fingers crossed the dates work out, but I've been told the surgery is likely to be in April at the earliest.

So my goals for the first half of the year are to stay as healthy and fit as possible for the impending op, managing any stress that might arise, and seriously pursue a new job. :o)

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