Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hip block - Cortisone Injection

I had my scheduled hip block on monday and the results so far have been fantastic!

It all went smoothly on the monday, I was second on the list to go into theatre and that was roughly about 11:45. That meant I was grumpy all morning due to being nil by mouth! I was then briefly put under general anaesthesia for the procedure which took roughly 5-10mins - so I have nothing to report on the actual experience itself. It is unusual to have a GA for this, but that's how they do it. I was not concerned about it and I'm sure if I really disagreed with having a GA they would do it under local, they are very receptive to patients needs. I came round wide awake about 45mins later and was discharged from the hospital about 4hrs later.

The ROHB sent me home with a ton of painkillers but I haven't needed them! I took a couple of paracetamol (just paracetamol!) last night to soothe my thigh which was aching but apart from that the hip is pain-free. It seems to be a little achey towards the end of the day but not painful as such, more uncomfortable, and more muscular aches than boney. The second amazing result is NO STIFFNESS!! I cannot say how happy I am about that! I feel flexible again (to a point) and don't have to slowly ease myself upright when standing up from a chair. Hurrah!

I'm very pleased with this outcome. I was fairly woozy for a couple of days due to the GA but the hip didn't flare up post-injection, which it can with these shots. Even if it just lasts the month until my surgery I'll be happy. I hate taking the painkillers and just these few days of not having them I feel like my body can take a rest, my liver and kidneys especially.

I'm not going to push myself just because I feel 'okay', because the joint is far from okay. I will take the opportunity to try and do more of my physio exercises to keep the muscles strong for next month.


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  1. Your story inspires me because I had the same procedure too. And yes, I love the flexibility and to get things done comfortably. Have you heard about asr hip recall? Pretty nasty.