Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another Amendment!

Being disappointed the first time around they shifted my surgery date, then getting a letter stating it was 2 days later than what she told me on the phone, I decide this morning that with 2 weeks to go I'd call the hospital to confirm my date (again!). This time she said "oh that's odd you're the monday list not wednesday! I will call Mr. Orthopod's secretary right away to confirm".

Oh yes, the surgery date they told me on the phone orginially was correct and the letter was wrong! Which baffles me because you have to phone to confirm your bed, which I did and no one at that point told me that either the day or date was incorrect. I never had anything like this last time, I could have missed my surgery!

It will be on MONDAY 8th MARCH. I said "you'll forgive me if I call back next week to check!". Oh I will.....probably more than once....

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