Sunday, 28 February 2010

One week to go

Okay, now that I've ascertained that the actual date of my surgery is in one week (and I'll be checking up on that!), how am I feeling?

Overwhelmed. And not due to the surgery! I have so many things to be wrapping up by the end of this working week, throw in a job interview and a ball for good measure, and I'm trying to work out when I can do silly little things like laundry prior to going down to Birmingham next sunday. I'll be begging for that anaesthetic just to shut my brain up!

My priority is this job interview. Given that academic job interviews are tantamount to exams, I'm stressed with all the studying whilst trying to ease my right hip off inbetween. I did take saturday off from work to go to the Thackray Medical Museum (Leeds) with a couple of friends. As I might be leaving Leeds in the coming months I thought I'd take a gander up the road for a visit - that and they currently have an exhibit on 'old for new', being bionic (being a cyborg!! sounds like something that escaped from Dr.Who than your average grandmother!). We spent nearly 3.5hrs going round the museum! Even though I've been using my crutch daily for about 2 weeks now, I was completely wiped out despite having 5 minute sit-downs every half hour. I was hoping to come home and study a bit more, but I had to take a bath to help my poor muscles, and after that I was too tired - watched a movie and had an early night. Gosh, I'm such party animal for a 31 year old!

Because I got most things ready for hospital for last monday, I don't really have much organising in that department, just laundry. I think after the disappointment of the surgery date being put back it has made me realise that even if I get nervous I'm still going ahead with it, so why worry too much. No doubt I'll be more nervous next weekend and on the day, I can't imagine anyone not having those nerves on the day! But for now, I'm focussing on wednesday's job interview, the masquerade ball on thursday night and a friends leaving do on friday night!

My brain's fried, I need sleep..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. OOh Bex I didn't realize you were in Leeds too??! The more I read the more I'm amazed at how common all this hip stuff is!!
    Goodluck for next wk!

  2. Bex

    have been thinking about you this week and it sounds like you're ready for this op - good luck with the interview today and enjoy the ball and party on Friday.

    Meant to ask - whereabouts in Scotland will you be recovering ? I'm in the central belt...

    Dee x

  3. Hi Dee!

    I'm very ready, I want it yesterday! Job interviews on crutches is never fab....but it went okay, fingers crossed, I won't know for a couple of weeks. Anyhoo...

    I'll be in Cardross. When I was growing up we lived on the south side of Glasgow. Great to meet another Scot!

    Bex :o)))

  4. fingers crossed !
    Ah the south side - a West End girl myself but living in the countryside now !! My husband's family live in Helensburgh so not far at all - would def come and visit you if you'd like - I know how boring it is when you can't get out ! But of course you'll be raring to go after your BHR !

    There's a lovely farm shop/garden centre between Cardross and Helensburgh which we went to last weekend for lunch..could be a good option...


  5. That wouldn't be Ardardan by any chance? I LOVE that place, biggest scones I've ever seen, or eaten lol

  6. yes - lovely isn't it...great cakes...