Monday, 22 February 2010

The Waiting Game

~2 weeks to go (again!)

I'm getting fed up now. I should have had my shiny new hip today, but I'm hanging-on in here for another 2 weeks for Mr. Orthopod! Woke up this morning, fine and dandy, and as I was putting on my boots for work - my hip got stuck!! Like stuck. It sorta clicked as I was leaning over to hook my boot onto my foot. When I tried to straighten up, I couldn't....cue the panic!! It probably only lasted 2 seconds, but it felt like 2 mins before there was the most horrific grating sound and a pop which released my joint back. I'm still cringing thinking on it. Let's just say, it 'stings' a it stings when you drop a bookshelf on your foot! It gave me such a fright too, brought tears to my eyes.

Once I calmed down and the sharp pain had subsided I discovered that full weight on that leg wasn't happening today. I'm sort of sat on the sofa with my right leg extended out in a strange manner, fearing to bend it is not comfortable, and there are aches where I had none before. I'm trying to get work done at home, but I'm having to shift a lot due to these strange aches, so its not efficient (not that it would have been efficient in the office either).

Pesky orthopod's diary! Pesky boots once again!! Boooo......

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