Saturday, 6 February 2010

Preparing for Hotel NHS

2 weeks to go!

This week has been particularly mad and I'm trying hard to compartmentalise all the stresses lest it all tips me over the edge. I had a job interview on wednesday and also found out that my grandmother is seriously ill and in hospital. It's all a bit hectic really.

So this weekend I thought I'd focus on what things I want to take with me to Hotel NHS and then subsequently the things I'll want with me at the family home (which is over 200 miles from where I currently live in Leeds). Having spent a fabulous 8 nights in hospital when I had my PAO, I know exactly what I want with me this time. Even that one night I spent there prior to my hip injection has reminded me what a difference it makes when you know what to expect.

Armed with a shopping list, off to the shops! For the hospital we have... Clotheswise: Now I prefer pj's to nighties to sleep in, but having your hip operated on makes it a pain having to deal with pj bottoms - 2 new nighties, check. Also, one's hip swells up beyond belief after mr. orthopod has had a good rummage around in there and it takes a long while to go down again - therefore, best to get a weeks worth of knickers one or two sizes bigger than your normal size, check. If you don't have any sweat pants, these are a good idea for staying comfortable when you leave the hospital and at home - I have a few pairs anyways and didn't feel the need for new ones. Other clothing items that are good to have - slippers, dressing gown, loose tops, flat shoes that are easy to get on. Toiletries: you won't need more than this - shampoo (2 in 1 is great for hospital), shower gel (I love my Liz Earle! smells fab and lifts the spirits), dry shampoo (Bastiste is good - for when you can't shampoo hair the first day or so), facewash, moisturiser, tooth brush and paste, lip salve, sponge (I don't like using theirs) and wet wipes (invaluable!!! Get a big pack). No need for razors, nail files etc, honestly you won't miss them! I think I spent the first two days last time just using the wet wipes!! But I do recommend the lip salve as the air con and heating in hospital tends to dry your lips out something chronic.

I also have my food package! To be fair, and this varies between hospitals WIDELY....the food at the ROHB was alright. Unfortunately, as I've mentioned before, I was as sick as a dog due to all the drugs and toxins floating around my body and ended up eating whatever whenever. Which included grapes, pringles, chocolate mainly....none stayed down for long. I went for high fat just to get some calories into me. So this time, I've put together a food package - things like choc covered raisins, nut bars, cashews etc. All high energy in case I need it. I'm hoping it won't be as bad this time.

For home it'll just be casual clothes and easy to get on flat shoes really. I'll be with the family so I don't have to worry about meals too much. I also won't have to worry about those fabulous surgical stockings either - pain in the ass to get on without help! So sexy!!

I'm not too nervous now. I did have a couple of moments the other night, but I just want it over with now. The hip injection is still working quite well, I've had a few aches at night - and that's when I'm glad I'm having the surgery. 3 weeks from now, hopefully I'll have been discharged from hospital and recovering in the family home. :o)


  1. Love the list, sounds just like mine. I am off to pack right now. I am going with just a backpack and keeping it very light. I am hopng some good friends will bring the food on day 2 or 3 so I can get the calories also. Can't stomach the thought of the hospital food again!

    I am taking my blackberry but will see how communication goes. Will definately be looking for your updates on the other side... my check out dates in the hospital are Feb 12th - 18th.


  2. Good luck Kristin!

    Packing light is the best plan really. I'll only have a backpack worth's too. Calories are good post-op to help the body recover - and having your own food means you're not stuck to the hospital eating times! They have dinner at 5pm in UK hospitals.....5pm!! I normally eat about 8pm so I need a 4th meal if I'm expected to eat dinner in the afternoon.

    Take care and big hugs,
    Becky :o)